Monday, July 13, 2015

My Teaching Philosophy

My Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy of teaching is developed around the idea that all students can be successful and gain knowledge. The level of success and knowledge gained is different for everyone. I feel it is my responsibility to develop the skills of each student to bring out the best success possible.

Student success can be achieved by creating clear objectives. If students are aware of what they are trying to accomplish then their path to success will be easier to accomplish.

Assessments need to be varied and happen often. A mixture of summative and formative assessments is crucial for student success. When teachers create appropriate assessments, the level of success can be maximized. It is also helpful to students when teachers have options in terms of assessments. Using different types of technology and traditional assessments will help assist students on their path to success. It allows for students to find their strengths as well.

Creating a welcoming atmosphere where students feel comfortable and accepted is crucial to student achievement. This is greatly dependent on the teacher and how they interact with students. Creating specific and clear rules of behavior is important to achieving a welcoming classroom.

Differentiating instruction is another component student achievement and something that I feel is one of the most important factors for success. It is not a surprise that students learn at many different levels and paces. Using differentiation strategies to enable student understanding can be the difference. Using different types of instruction is also important when considering student understanding and achievement.

Incorporating this philosophy into action takes time and patience. It requires knowledge of the curriculum and development of teaching skills and strategies that are developed over time. I feel that with this solid foundation, I can help my students succeed!