Wednesday, February 25, 2015

#walkmyworld Week 6 Dreams

 I dream about things I am stressed about. Most of the time it wakes me up and I stay awake for hours! I am the worst sleeper. I have, numerous times, considered partaking in an insomnia or sleep pattern study!

I often look similar to this guy in the picture, unfortunately, with bags under his eyes. I do not lead a very stressful life but when things in life bother me or I can't get them off my mind, I think about them constantly when I am sleeping. Last night I was thinking about my upcoming schedule which includes work, class, coaching basketball, preparing for the softball season that is quickly approaching, making sure I don't forget to send my grandmother flowers for a procedure she just had (and now that I am writing this I realize I DID forget!) and visiting my friend who is having a surgery on Friday. Like I said, nothing too major that is keeping we awake but it infuses itself into my dreams. I dreamt I was running, yet not going anywhere. That happens often, I think, because that is how I feel! I chose the runner specifically running in the dark because I don't see things in my dream; I'm just running. the dark represent the helplessness I feel and lack of accomplishment in forgetting to do things. These things I forget are what haunt my dreams and keep me awake.

Night Extension Wksht

Holocaust Extension Reading: Night, "Race" and "For the Living and the Dead"

1.            Elie Weisel wrote Night and, "For the Living and the Dead". Which of the following statements do you find to be true of each piece of writing?
a. Both pieces were intended to entertain readers.
b. While Night informed readers about his experience, "For the Living..." was intended to plead with the public to remember the Holocaust.
c. They are both written in first person, yet for different audiences.
d. "For the Living..." is a speech and Night is a novel.
e. They both intend to discuss the Holocaust's impact.

2.            In reading both, "Race" and "For the Living and the Dead," what similar messages do they both                 personify? (Choose 2).
a. The Holocaust should not be forgotten
b. Hatred is the source of much pain and suffering in the world
c. Hope will keep you alive
D. Don't give up

3.            Choose one of your answers from Part A that most resembles a theme statement and elaborate             on how each source implicates the theme. Use quotes you feel most powerfully personify the theme from both "Race" and "For the Living and the Dead".

4.            After reading the two sources, in your opinion, do you think the world has learned anything       from the Holocaust and its consequences? Explain using information from both "Race" and "For       the Living and the Dead".

Friday, February 6, 2015

#walkmyworld Reflection

#Walkmyworld week 3

spoon reflection.jpg

I have a hobby; I collect spoons from places I’ve traveled. My hobby has been the brunt of many jokes over the years as people find out about this hidden hobby of mine. Most of the time I get called an old lady; apparently spoon collecting is associated with older women! I will say that the only clientele of humans to NOT poke fun at me ARE older ladies! So, maybe there’s some truth to the joking banter but it hasn’t stopped me from gathering spoons from places I’ve visited from the age of 9 when I bought a spoon at a museum in Williamsport, PA while watching the Little League World Series. I have since collected almost 100 spoons spanning the globe.

Referencing Tupac’s poem, “Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack?” reminds me of how my hobby has transformed itself into a phenomenon within my circle of friends and family. I laugh when others make fun of me because my hobby has indirectly become a hobby of my friends and family. When they go on vacation, they buy ME spoons! I have spoons from France, a place I’ve never been and others from places such as Aruba, Rhode Island, Florida, Bahamas, California - to name a few.
“ feel exposed to the madness…” from Identity is what I feel like when I look a