Friday, August 7, 2015

Final Ethnography and Reflection

Here's my video:

The final assignment of make this ethnography has been fun! First, I chose Replay from a suggestion from Christel Russman and it was an awesome one! It was so simple to use and I can’t wait to share with my students. 

The autobiographical piece as a challenge at first but once I decided to create my lesson on characteristics, it seemed simple. I envision the students being able to complete the lesson without an issues besides finding pictures from their childhood. An extension of this lesson will continue with a comparison of ourselves to characters we’ve read about during the school year. It will be cool to see to whom the students choose to compares themselves. 

I found the process of explaining myself, through pictures, in a short minute-plus, and trying to get my personality through to the reader challenging. The aspects of Replay made it easier as I had access to not only pictures, but music and text. Without text, some of my personality would have have been obvious, however, I was able to put some jokes in there that I was pleased with. 

It was hard to express myself in such a short piece but I am happy that I did and I hope the students will appreciate it and use it to tell their stories as well.

There is my lesson plan and ethnography.

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