Friday, May 22, 2015

EDUC 7726 Blog Response in Regards to Digital Assessment

I think teachers need to be aware of using technology as an assessment tool to enhance skills and using technology to prepare for the workforce. It was very clear while reading the comprehensive entries of others that this is a focus of assessing using digital tools.

Cari McKee read Sarah Davis's "Effective Assessment in the Digital Age," and found that feedback was a major component of effect assessment. I think this sounds very familiar to assessing without technology! I feel as if the reason why we are stressing using technology in assessment is because it is the major change in this century. Without using technology in the classroom, we are not giving out students the best education. Using feedback is important to a child's education, using it specifically in regards to technology would help focus the students on the proper use of the tech, not just feedback on the content.

Christel Russman commented on the TRAILS technology assessments. I think this is a good tool for pre and post learning of technology tools. There is much concentration in the common core on research and source citation, etc. This is mostly because with the increase of technology, there has to be more focus on citing sources, so as not to plagiarize. The trails assessment is effective because it strictly focuses on the skills needed to achieve proper research and citation. However, the text can be quite comprehensive and overwhelming to students. I would suggest using it as a pre and post test to focus instruction for the following school year. This may help develop those essential skills.

Carl Pastor read Robin Flanigan's, "Movement Grows to Assess Students' Digital Literacy."  This also supports my idea that assessing using technology should enhance skills and prepare for workforce.  The article supports digital citizenship which is an issue with today's learners and is assessed in the common core. I enjoyed the comment about students becoming technology "producers" as opposed to simply "consumers"!

I believe with the growing focus of using technology to assess within the classroom, more and more students are realizing that technology is a useful tool for success and not just something to pass time!

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