Friday, May 8, 2015

Infographic Reflection

Infographic Reflection

The infographic process was challenging, yet rewarding. I found it helpful that I had two weeks to complete and plan it out. Getting feedback also advanced my ideas and thought process. I found the piktochart site easy to manipulate material and it was user-friendly. This is something I could certainly have some students use for projects in my English class. Student choice is very popular these days and many students can apply their knowledge using this type of project.

I found the sources challenging as I used an APA format. It took my almost the same amount of time to generate the sources as it did to complete the infographic which cause some frustration.


Using the material I found in my research, I gather that online learning is increasing in popularity. I also found there are many benefits to using online learning as a tool or way of teaching in this century. However, I was discouraged to find that minimal progress has been made in the lower levels of school. The data showed (on the infographic) that there are increases, in millions, when it comes to post-high school online learning. My goal using the infographic was to show how beneficial it is and hopefully be able to start an online class in the high school level. I believe the infographic to be a snapshot of how successful online learning can be in the high school level.

The many benefits when it comes to personalizing education and having students work at their own pace are two most beneficial parts of using online education. If students could be more engaged and productive, why wouldn't we try online classes? This research also made me wonder why more high schools are not employing online classes in AP fashion? If AP students are projected to be the most "college ready" then why are they not exposed to college-like classes by structure? The challenging pieces of AP classes are the rigor; reading and coursework. However, the format is still face to face. These would be areas of research I would enjoy continuing.

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  1. Thoughtful analysis of the assignment and topic.Your comments make me wonder how the cognitive scientists would explain differences in use between levels of the education system. Do you have any recommendations for middle and high school teachers who want to be in the forefront?